Auto Lamp Kit for the 2016-18 Police Interceptor Utility - Requires New Headlamp Switch, Sunload Sensor and Vehicle Programming

2016 Utility Auto Lamp Kit - Email to inquire about pricing - Thanks


Auto Lamp is a feature that when the headlamp switch is placed in the auto position will automatically turn on the headlights/parking lamps  when it lighting condition dictate the headlamps should be on and/or when using the windshield wipers.

The 2016+ Utility is pre-wired for this but does require dealer programming in addition to a new headlamp switch and a sunload sensor being installed.  The hardware install takes literally 10 minutes as those items are plug and play.  Once the programming is completed the Auto Lamp feature will function just like from the factory.  YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR VIN BY EMAIL OR WITH THE ORDER.

If you wish to supply your own hardware I offer the programming only as well - $35