I specialize in Ford and Lincoln late model vehicle option programming/upgrading.  Enable/Disable factory features that the dealer isn't directly able to.  Some of the specific services provided are:

SYNC2 MFT Navigation Upgrade
SYNC2 MFT Replacement Module APIM
SYNC3 Navigation Upgrade
SYNC2 MFT to SYNC3 Upgrade
Police Vehicle Option Programming 2013 and up

Initially I started out as FordPIMods.com which involved services such as: Enable Factory Options on 2013-2018 Ford Police Interceptor Sedans and Utilities such as Keyless Entry, Auxiliary Audio, Remote Start, Etc.  These mods have become so popular I have branched into other Ford and Lincoln Vehicle lines.

All upgrades are vehicle specific and you will need to provide the VIN to me at time of purchase.  While a dealer visit is required to activate features, dealers will not know how to do this without me providing the information.  It should take no more than 30 minutes for a dealer to complete the programming.  If you are in Wisconsin I may be able to do it myself.

The brand names Ford, Lincoln, FMC, SYNC, MyFord, MyLincoln Touch, MyFord Touch, etc are all owned and copyrighted by Ford Motor Company and their respective owners.  I have no association with FMC.

Email: Jason@FLVPmods.com

Text Only: 715-997-1222

Typical Operating Hours are Mon-Sat 4PM-10PM US Central Time