Replacement APIM for your defective APIM (SYNC2/MyFord and MyLincoln Touch)


Purchase a replacement APIM for your SYNC2/MyFord or MyLincoln Touch System.  If you have the black screen of death or have determined that your APIM is defective this is a cheaper alternative to having the dealer replace your APIM.  A classic sign of a bad APIM is starting the car and getting radio audio (whether it be on a radio station or static) for about 30 seconds to a minute and then audio stops and you have the black screen. 

You will receive the latest generation APIM (either NOS or used/tested) programmed specifically for your vehicle (options it had when it left the factory).  911 Assist will need to be installed once it is in the vehicle and I supply the info/files for this.  The latest generation does not have the failure rate like the 1st generation typically found in early Edges and Explorers.  It is programmed via the official Ford APIM programming process.  You will receive the APIM and you replace it and now your system is back in action.  This will work for any vehicle with MFT/MLT but some of the vehicles include the Ford Edge, Explorer, Escape, Taurus, Mustang, F150, CMAX, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, MKX, MKT, MKC, etc.

NEW--If your vehicle did not come with factory navigation I can add it for free with your purchased replacement APIM.  You will need to supply your own mapping SD card.

I use the official Ford tech process for replacement/programming of your APIM.  This will update your vehicle SYNC record with the new APIM.  ‚ÄčCurrently the software version is 3.10 (this is newer than 3.8).  A sample pic of an APIM is shown.  If you need help with the actual process of accessing/replacing your APIM  this can typically be found on YouTube and I can assist you with locating a video.  Photo of sample APIM shown.