13-18 Taurus AWD/ENGINE HR TRACKING - $30

13-18 Taurus INTELLIGENT AWD GAUGE - $25

2013-2018 CivilianTaurus AWD Gauge/Engine Hour Tracking 2013-2018 PI AWD GAUGE

The AWD gauge and engine hour tracking can be added to the civilian model of the 2013 -2018 Taurus.  Below are photos of the AWD gauge in the advanced models of the instrument cluster in the 2013-2018 models.  Engine hour tracking is shown on the 2013 MY advanced cluster.  Also shown is the AWD gauge in the police model (already has engine hour tracking).  These features do require dealer programming.  Engine Hour tracking starts at "0" when enabled.

‚ÄčI will require your VIN number as the modification is VIN specific and I will send you instructions for your dealer to follow as well.  I have no control what your dealer decides to charge for their labor to do this but for a tech that is competent it should take no more than 15 mins to program.  Contact Jason@FLVPmods.com with any questions.

Service Manual Description of the AWD Gauge:

AWD Gauge
The AWD gauge displays the level of power applied to each wheel. The IPC uses the following inputs to determine the AWD gauge display:
wheel torque data
AWD lock torque
engine rpm data
speedometer fault
As power is applied to the wheels, the area directly in front of each displayed wheel begin to fill in. The lowest power displayed is the closest to the wheel. As the amount of power sent to the wheels increases, the area fills in either forward (front wheels) or rearward (rear wheels) of the wheels.