Motorola Radio Upgrades


  • Tune Radios
  • Make Hardware Repairs
  • Troubleshoot Astro25 radios
  • Sell Hardware including Encryption
  • Encyption Algo Upgrades

If you wish to have any services done please contact me via EMAIL -‚Äč

Payments will be invoiced via Square (CC only) once I receive the units for upgrading.  Thanks

I can upgrade/update certain Motorola radios.  Some of you have may be familiar with my services that I had available on eBay (user id FORDPIMODS).  Unfortunately with all the 3rd party fees it no longer paid for me to provide my services and I ended those services through eBay.  I was contacted by quite a few people who wished I would continue to offer my services so I am dedicating a page of my website to this.  THERE IS REVISED PRICING FOR MY SERVICES.

Motorola Astro25 Radio Services

This includes radios such as XTS1500/2500/5000, XTL1500/2500/5000, Astro Spectra Plus and any radio supported by Astro25 CPS

  • Firmware Updating (you send me radio ) - $50 
  • Flashcode Updating (you send me radio) - $75 
  • Firmware/Flashcode Updating (you send me radio) - $100

Shipping charges are extra.

Motorola Astro Spectra, Astro Saber and XTS3000 Services

  • Firmware (ie HOST and DSP) Updating - $35
  • Flashcode Updating - $30
  • Firmware/Flashcode Updating -$50
  • Model and/or Serial Change/any flashcode (no firmware) - $50
  • Model and/or Serial Change/any flashcode (w/firmware) - $70

You will need to ship your radio to me (PORTABLES - RADIO ONLY, NO BATTERY OR ANTENNA, MOBILE - SHIP THE VOCON IN THE SHIELD ONLY, DO NOT SEND THE ENTIRE RADIO AS THIS SAVES GREATLY ON SHIPPING COSTS) Shipping will be additional and minimum shipping charge is $8.50 (via USPS)

Sample Upgrades are converting an analog astro series radio to IMBE/P25 or making an 800mhz radio P25 9600 Trunking.  Both these services would be $50 plus shipping.  

I get many requests asking if I can repair a radio that has a corrupted codeplug or possible firmware issues.  I can't troubleshoot a radio over the internet.  There are just too many possible causes.  You would have to send me your radio and you will be charged a flat rate of $50 plus shipping regardless of whether or not I can get it working.  I do not make hardware repairs.