Pics from a customer that added a backup camera to his Ford Escape with MyFord Touch. It did not come factory equipped with a camera. The customer purchased a Nav upgrade along with the camera upgrade option. The customer installed his own aftermarket camera. The camera has select-able guidelines (function of the camera) and they are turned off.


MyFord (4.2" screen) Camera activation plus female RCA cable interface. Please include your VIN as a "note" during purchase - $45+shipping

I now have the ability to activate the built in video display for the backup/reverse camera on the 4.2" MyFord and 8" MyFord Touch equipped vehicles.  

For the MyFord Touch Systems you will need toship me your APIM.  This purchase will include a female RCA cable to interface to the APIM connector.

For those with the 4.2" MyFord display (which Interceptors have) I will send you a file for use with dealer IDS (programming).  If you would rather have me do the programming you can send me the 4.2" screen from the center stack (additional $35 plus shipping).  This purchase also includes a female RCA cable interface to the 4.2" screen connector.

You will need to supply your own camera system.  You can add the OEM camera and get the basic image or use an aftermarket camera as well.  Going aftermarket will be the cheapest route.

Contact me if you need a connections other than female RCA.

Please email me if you have any questions.

MyFord (4.2") and MyFord Touch/SYNC2/SYNC3 (8") BackUp/Reverse Camera Activation - Police Interceptor and Civilian

MyFord Touch/SYNC3 (8" display) Camera activation plus female RCA cable interface.  YOU MUST SHIP YOUR APIM TO ME - $45.00 + shipping