​​Add OEM Navigation to your MyFord Touch , MyLincoln Touch equipped vehicle!!!  This is known as SYNC2.  This does not pertain to SYNC3!

For all Ford and Lincoln vehicles with MFT/MLT w/o Navigation

Add OEM Navigation to your MyFord Touch (MFT) and MyLincoln (MLT) equipped vehicles.  This can be done in person by myself if you are in my area (Wisconsin) or I can program a replacement module for your vehicle and provide you with directions how to swap it out with your existing module.  A dealer visit is NOT required.  I use authentic Ford equipment and authorized/paid access to the Ford software that allows this.

​$150 done in person - OEM Navigation added to your vehicle ( I am in Wisconsin).  If I travel to you, travel fees will be added.

$150 + Shipping to have you send me your APIM which will be upgraded with Navigation (typically sent back the next USPS business day after receiving your APIM) - Contact me to ship your APIM.  Payment is done when I receive the APIM.

​$300 + Shipping for a replacement module shipped to you.  Module will be programmed for your vehicle with NAVIGATION.  You keep your original APIM.  I use only 2nd generation APIMs (either NOS or used/tested).

All items shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  

​*****You will need to provide your own Map SD card which is readily available at such places as Amazon and eBay.  The current version is A10 for US/Canada.  I no longer provide map cards no matter what upgrade option you use.


If you have an instrument cluster with SyncServices Compass function it becomes directions during a route as pictured below!


E-mail me: Jason@FLVPmods.com

Prices are non-negotiable.

Comments from Buyers of Navigation Upgrade:

  • "Plugged in the Navigation card, and it fired right up and works amazingly.  Got my phone connected, my climate controls adjusted and put a few known destinations into the memory and now it is a new vehicle, with full navigation function."   (2013 Explorer)
  • "The system works perfectly. "  (2014 Taurus)
  • "Spent a couple of hours with Jason on Saturday and he was able to get the Navigation operational on my ride. I used it for the return trip back home and it worked great.
    I am very happy with the results and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND his ability to do the same for your car, it is well worth the effort.  (2013 Taurus)

Other Important Information:

  • What is an APIM - The APIM is the SYNC Module that is attached to the back side of the 8" display.  It is the computer or brains of the MFT system.
  • Removing the APIM will NOT make your vehicle non-operational.  Your radio/usb/BT will no longer function but HVAC controls will work fine.
  • User updates to the SYNC system will NOT remove “post factory” Navigation - Ford has re-done how they do updates and NAV may not show up after a user update.  I will send the update for NAV required for this if you contact me.  The current version of SYNC is 3.10 (as of 3/3/18)
  • A master reset will not eliminate “post factory” Navigation
  • I often get asked about warranty concerns – I am not employed by Ford and can’t speak for them on how they would handle warranty concerns regarding MFT – I make no hardware modifications to the system
  • ​A true dealer SYNC system reprogramming or update WILL eliminate the “post factory” Navigation.  This applies to any vendor that adds OEM Navigation!  Make it clear to the dealer NOT to do this without your permission.  If they want to do this to correct an issue PLEASE contact me first.  I can discuss this with you and your dealer.  All too often a dealer will reprogram the APIM in hope of correcting a customer concern when this is NOT needed.  
  • Dealer updates to systems other than SYNC are of no concern and will not do anything to added navigation.
  • ​If it is determined the dealer must do an upgrade to correct an issue I will work with you on having the Navigation added back in but you will need to send me your APIM.  I do have access to Ford APIM serial number records and also keep records of APIM serial numbers that I have upgraded.  Shipping costs will be your responsibility.  
  • ​The only other reason “post factory” Navigation would “disappear” is due to malicious hacking attempts to the APIM and I will charge full fees to re-enable it.
  • Sirius subscriptions are NOT affected by alteration to the APIM or changing it out.  The Sirius module is in the ACM not the APIM.
  • HD Radio can not be added via the APIM, that is a different ACM.
  • Travel Link  may need to be manually enabled by Sirius staff as they will indicate your ESN/VIN doesn't support Travel Link but it will work.

List of just some of the customer vehicles I have done:

  • 2015 F-150
  • 2015 F-250 SD
  • 2015 F-350 SD
  • 2011 Explorer
  • 2012 Explorer
  • 2013 Explorer
  • 2014 Explorer
  • 2015 Explorer
  • 2016 Explorer
  • 2012 Edge
  • 2013 Edge
  • 2014 Edge
  • 2015 Edge
  • 2013 Escape
  • 2015 Escape
  • 2014 Fusion
  • 2016 Fusion
  • 2013 Taurus
  • 2014 Taurus
  • 2015 Taurus
  • 2012 Lincoln MKX
  • 2015 Lincoln MKC
  • 2016 Lincoln MKZ
  • 2015 C-MAX
  • 2015 Mustang (First Vendor that supported Pony Logo on replacement APIM!)
  • 2015 Expedition