Pic of one-way remote start/alarm kit

Photo of 5 button (164-R8000) IKT, hood switch (BT4Z-19G366-A) and 4 button (164-R8067) IKT

The 2016-19 Utility does not use IKTs for remote start.  Unfortunately Ford changed the setup on the 2016+ Utility and a VSS (Vehicle Security System) module along with a 1000' long range separate remote start FOB must be used.  This is a plug and play installation.  You must also install a hood switch (if not equipped see above for part #) and have OEM keyless entry (either from the factory or via my KE activation file).  Contact your Ford dealer for more information.  You can also check www.accessories.ford.com or such places as eBay.  It uses the same kit as the same year Ford Explorer with keyed ignition.  You can get kits with one way remotes, two way remotes or even cellular control.  Functionality is enabled via Ford IDS.  Please note the 18+ does not use the same kit as 16-17.

OEM Remote Start for Ford Police Interceptor

Sedan (2013-2019) and Utility (2013-2015)

 See End for 2016-19 Utility Info

I am no longer selling IKTs.  These can be obtained on line such as eBay.  There are some Ford dealers that sell on eBay that you may be able to obtain descent pricing on.  There are generic knock-offs of the IKT and I will not give an opinion on those either way. 

2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and 2013-2015 Police Interceptor Utility also have factory remote start capabilities built into them.  

List of what is required to support/enable remote start on your 13-19 PI Sedan and 13-15 PI Utility

  •  vehicle must have factory keyless entry.  If it does not you can have it enabled.  Please see the keyless entry page.
  •  The PI vehicle must have also have a hood switch.  It will only have this if it was factory ordered with the perimeter alarm which would also mean it has keyless entry.  See pic below which shows hood switch and has the part #.  All PI models have the wiring/connector for the hood switch.  See my Facebook video.
  • IKT (key with FOB built in) to control the remote start function.  A basic KE fob only will not control remote start.  See pic below which shows 4 and 5 button IKTs along with part #s (4 button for the Utility and 5 button for the Sedan).  IKTs will be programmed to the vehicle following the same method as basic KE fobs (in the owner's manual).
  • Enabling of the remote start feature.  This is a direct function of the dealer programming software known as IDS that your local dealer would have therefore you need no special programming from me for the remote start feature itself.
  • Each vehicle can be programmed with a total of 4 basic KE fobs and/or IKTs (yes you can mix and match)

To understand how the OEM remote start system works visit the Ford Owner website and download the Taurus or Explorer Owner's Manual for the year of your Police Interceptor.