Can SYNC be added to the 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility?

I get asked this frequently and the general answer I provide is no however I am going to elaborate on that a bit.

SYNC (which includes bluetooth and usb) can be added for those die-hards that have the time, expertise, money, etc but it would not be easy.  A common misconception is that the vehicle is pre-wired for it or that SYNC is contained in the radio.  That simply is not the case.  The wiring does not exist and SYNC is its own module.  In order to add SYNC numerous wiring systems (in some cases, twisted pair shielded, etc) would have to be added along with hardware additions/swapping and of course numerous settings in vehicle programming.

For departments, this is just not feasible and for most individuals the same can be said.  There are a select few individuals who may wish to tackle this.   I personally have looked into this in the past but I have not found it be be cost effective or feasible.  

What can you do to add bluetooth?  There are aftermarket kits available and I have heard that Rostra makes a good kit.  I am not affiliated with them but here is a link: ROSTRA KITS